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Kink Kink Bang Bang

a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang kink meme

Re: Post Screening
Hey! So apparently LJ is now taking botting seriously. Unfortunately, since I have not been on LJ all that much of late, I missed this, and repeated posts from a bot (now banned, huzzah!) seemed to have set the default for new comments to the main post to "screened." This should be fixed now. I have unscreened the comments made since then, in any case, and I apologize for my lazy modding. (Truth is, you guys have been so good I kind of thought you didn't need me! And also RL stuff.)

Other new LJ features: the EXPAND function is universal! You probably all knew this. I, however, did not. I'm enjoying going down and seeing all the replies without leaving the main comment pages now, and if you haven't yet, you should, too.

Possibly there is other other new stuff, but I've not noticed anything else huge.

I want to thank the kind anon who alerted me to the issue by bringing it up in the other mod post. You rock, anon!

I think that's all there is for now. If not, feel free to post here or in the aforementioned other mod post!

Filled Prompts!
Okay, so I am terrible at running a meme and just SO EXCITED that this one is going so well that I don't want to screw it up.

Nonetheless, it is true that we may soon need some sort of archive for filled prompts and the like. I'm not one hundred percent sure I will have the time to devote to keeping it up-to-date, but I will try.

In the meantime, I thought perhaps we could try to see how we do with a filled prompt post!

All you've gotta do is comment with a link here to your prompt fill (and, ideally, the prompt itself — shortened, if need be — so people know what it's about) when you write something for the meme. It's not mandatory, but it'd be awesome and help more people find your stuff, especially if it's a more recent fill on earlier pages. You can also post links to your older prompt fills, and if you like you can drop a bunch of them into one comment here.

And I won't say no to it if someone noticed a prompt was filled but not posted here and commented in place of the author (maybe with a note indicating that they aren't the author themselves). The more this gets used, the mre helpful it'll be!

Kiss me!
All right, here is the MAIN POST for the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang kink meme!

The rules are thus:

ONE prompt per comment. It may contain any pairing you like, any kink you like, any prompt you like, as long as it's nothing intentionally offensive.

—You may post anonymously... or not. Whichever you like! If you don't want to log out, click "More Options..." when commenting and you can post anonymously without ever leaving the comfort of your screenname.

—Be nice! I want a good, clean fight kink meme here. Do not post anything intentionally offensive, and try to avoid fighting. Don't knock anyone else's kink or pairing. If it's not your bag, move on and let it be. On a related note, please don't demand "real kink." Just because others have less wild-and-out-there kinks doesn't make them less valid.

—Keep it Kiss Kiss Bang Bang related! RPF is fine, so long as the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang actors are involved. Crossovers are fine, too, and even encouraged, but they must contain at least one character or actor from the film.

—Although this is technically a kink meme, gen is allowed. I'll ask that you keep it to a minimum, but if you've got the itch, get it scratched.

—That's all! Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging is off; GO WILD.


Ask the Mod
Hello, I am your moderator. You may call me moderator, or Miss Kink, or whatever you like, really. In any case, this post is for any questions you have regarding the meme, just so they don't clutter up the other posts. Ask away!


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